Ms. Woolf

I recently started reading A Room of One’s own by Virginia Woolf. What struck me was that she believes women need not worry about money or any life stresses in order to become a poet. She’s clearly an elitist. By this year 2017, I believe we have proven Ms. Woolf wrong, however, she may still disagree. I bet there are some people who still hold this to be true.

And because of Ms. Woolf, I am now more eager to keep writing. I started writing multiple entries but never published. I now realize the insecurity that writers may feel. However, I now have the gravitas to write whatever is on my mind. That brings me to the topic of reinvention. I am constantly reinventing myself. I have been many things in the past and now I am dedicating myself to master Finance, be a writer even if it’s only for myself and I want to go back to public speaking. I used to be in Toastmasters and I became good at speaking but now that I do not have to speak in public for work, I am not as good as I used to be. Which makes me realize that I need a job where I practice this on the job, not during an extra curricular activity.

But reinventing also means going back to basics for me. One, going back to the beginning of my career and analyzing what I should have done differently. Honestly, I think I played it out well, maybe I should’ve said no to more people and dedicated more time on honing my skills, I think that I would have done things quicker if I had so. So recently, now that I am newly single, I got asked out by 3 man. I didn’t announce it to the world that I was single (obviously on this blog yes but nobody knows about it) but clearly their intuition led them to believe it. At first, I fell bad saying no, because these people have been friends for a while. But then I thought: who cares! and I said no. Now, my schedule is free.

Basics also means, emptying out my house. I have kept it relatively empty since I first moved in three years ago. Basics, also means eating basic and keeping my meals simple, eggs, fish, sweet potatoes and one green leaf veggie at a time. This is a hard one for me because I also want the red veggies: carrots, beets, tomatoes but I want to do so much in so little time that automating my life needs to happen and that may mean automating my every day meals. I think for breakfast I may keep it to goat protein and oatmeal.

Basics also means, no relationships for 6 months, it’s an experiment if you will. Those things require too much effort. And lastly, basics also means yoga and body weights: squats, push ups, planks. My body does not ache if i do these activities regularly.

My goal for this week is to apply to Columbia Business School, apply to a lead, manager or director job, pay off debt, maybe refinance and be the number one employee for my team. That is all for now!


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