Here I am.

I recently found out about Susan J. Fowler’s story on working at Uber. PLEASE READ IT.

I love that she is shaking things up and she is a hero for that. After learning about her, I became intrigued by her multiple layers of being: Physicist, computer science engineer, blogger, reader, writer. She embodies what I want to be: a highly functional, woman who takes time to dive into her interests and succeeds in doing so. No I do not want to be just like her, I have my own interests. But being a women from a low income, immigrant neigborhood, I do not know many women like this and I am happy to find like-minded women when I do.

Well, I just had my interview with Cornell Johnson and now I am working on my Corporate Finance homework then will get ready for my Wharton TBD interview. I am currently in Ithaca, New York. It’s cold. I am from Los Angeles, my body is struck by this frigid weather. Off to Phili tomorrow morning. Wish me all the luck!! TTYL.


The long-awaited trip.

Are my fears valid, no. I am scared of being judge and I am scared that I will stumble. But I am articulate and capable.

I will speak with my passion and truth.

I will  listen to them, seek to connect, seek to learn about them.

My eyes are puffy and I exude stressful energy said Natalie as she was doing my hair this evening.

This is grit. This is life and this is my human experience. This feels glorious and I feel so honored.

DC to Ithaca to Phillie, here I come!


Whirlwind is right. I wrote that on my Cornell essay.

This past weekend I received two interview invitations, one for Georgetown and one for Cornell. All for Business School in case you are wondering or have not read the beginning of this blog. So far I have had to coordinate flights from LAX to DC, actually I am arriving to Baltimore then I have to take a train to DC and luckily my lovely newly single and devastated girlfriend is letting me stay with her. Then I think about how to travel from DC to upstate New York for my Cornell interview. I decided on Amtrak given the expensive flight prices!  I will arrive in Syracuse, then how do I get to Ithaca? Rent a car? There is also a cheap bus. But then where am I staying and how do I get there after the bus drops me off in Ithaca? I arrive to upstate on Saturday night, I have Sunday night to rest and get ready for a 4 pm interview on Monday. Then I have a fly back to LAX at 7:42 pm. Lets hope I make my flight. Hopefully I can change my interview to a little earlier time that Monday. Let’s see if possible because then I will be stranded in Ithaca. If I make it back I will be home around 2 am. Ready for another day in the office.

Gotta go, studying for my Finance test due tomorrow. Am I already in Business School?