Here I am.

I recently found out about Susan J. Fowler’s story on working at Uber. PLEASE READ IT.

I love that she is shaking things up and she is a hero for that. After learning about her, I became intrigued by her multiple layers of being: Physicist, computer science engineer, blogger, reader, writer. She embodies what I want to be: a highly functional, woman who takes time to dive into her interests and succeeds in doing so. No I do not want to be just like her, I have my own interests. But being a women from a low income, immigrant neigborhood, I do not know many women like this and I am happy to find like-minded women when I do.

Well, I just had my interview with Cornell Johnson and now I am working on my Corporate Finance homework then will get ready for my Wharton TBD interview. I am currently in Ithaca, New York. It’s cold. I am from Los Angeles, my body is struck by this frigid weather. Off to Phili tomorrow morning. Wish me all the luck!! TTYL.


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